Secrets of history: Diane de Poitiers, audience in Bern

Secrets of history: Diane de Poitiers, audience in Bern

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The show Secrets of History devoted yesterday to Diane of Poitiers a faced stiff competition from a football match broadcast at the same time. The queen of favorites nonetheless gathered in front of the small screen nearly 2.6 million viewers who were able to be passionate about the life of the one who reigned for twenty years over the heart of King Henry II, over the arts and literature of the time and to discover the residences of Diane, in particular the superb castle of Anet.

From Ecouen to Chenonceau, it was the occasion to visit the castles and residences which marked the existence of Diane de Poitiers. The castle of Anet, property of the favorite, is the strongest symbol of the idyll which linked Diane de Poitiers and Henri II. This Renaissance jewel was built between 1547 and 1552, under the direction of Philibert Delorme (architect), Jean Goujon (sculptor) and Jean Cousin (painter). Great parties and tournaments were given there when the king came there regularly to meet his beauty for long stays, to the chagrin of Queen Catherine de Medici.

It is at the castle of Anet that Diane de Poitiers ends her days after the death of Henri II, On her death in 1566, probable victim of the golden broths that she drank every morning to preserve her youth, she will be buried in the superb chapel located in the center of the castle. His grave was desecrated during the Revolution and his remains were thrown into the mass grave of the Anet cemetery. Recently, her remains have been unearthed and formally identified with a lock of hair belonging to the favorite. On May 29, 2010, festivities were organized for the return of the ashes of Diane de Poitiers to her castle in Anet.

Secrets of history: Diane de Poitiers, rebroadcast on August 16 at 01:35 on France2.

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