The secrets of Mont-Saint-Michel

The secrets of Mont-Saint-Michel

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With an attendance of more than 3 million tourists per year, Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the 15 most visited monuments in France. What does this unique site hide between land and sea? Why is he so fascinating? How does the village live when the last coaches leave the bay?

Lomig Guillo traces the incredible history of this place of pilgrimage, which was also a prison and a place of torture. He explains how this rock has become, over the centuries, a real myth, with its treasures, its legends and its mysteries, its pilgrims and its witches ... Without forgetting its hordes of tourists who today allow a few companies to hit the jackpot in a business where everything is possible. From the quicksand of the bay to the golden statue of the archangel at the top of the abbey, including the essential Mother Poulard omelet, discover the thousand and one facets of this emblematic monument.

The secrets of Mont-Saint-Michel - Investigation into 1300 years of history and legends, by Lomig Guillo Broché. Editions Prisma, May 2017

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